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Purple Carrots?  Yes, ’tis true:  The earliest carrots were purple! Known to mankind for about 5,000 years, historians think the first carrots came from the part of the world we now call Afghanistan. Purple carrots in ancient times Egyptian temple drawings from 2000 B.C. feature a purple plant many specialists […]

My Writing Process Blog Tour It was through my SCBWI critique group that I learned of the fascinating “My Writing Process” blog tour that has been making its way to select children’s authors across the globe. I was intrigued and honored to have been asked to participate, to the degree […]

Jumping down the rabbit hole!   A full decade ago, a marketing guru encouraged me to start blogging. The term had just been coined; the concept scarcely existed. I resisted. I’ve now enlisted. My Writing Process Blog Tour Though privacy is no less sacred to me today than it was […]