French Starts Early at The Lamplighter School!

French for kids at Lamplighter Cynthia Wildridge Bun E. Boniface

French for Children, Pre-K through 4th Grade

The Lamplighter School in Dallas is renowned for the culturally rich environment offered to children through its Early Childhood Division (Pre-Kindergarten through Transitional First grade), an ideal time to introduce a second or third language to a child.

French starts early at Lamplighter

Bun E. Boniface first visited Lamplighter in 2014 for a library reading with the Pre-K classes.  What joy to come full-circle in 2017, offering our first after school French class with French and The Tales of Bun E. Boniface.  Our classes include Pre-K through First graders.

In addition to her Spring 2017 Night Light courses, Ms. Wildridge has created four new courses which are being offered for the 2017 Camp Lamplighter (enrollment restricted to Lamplighter students):

  • French Fairy Tales:  Castles and Kings and Knights, Oh My!
  • French Fun with Madeline!
  • French Food:  Bon appétit !
  • French Fashion:  Coco on the Catwalk

For similar French classes open to non-Lamplighter children, please consider enrolling in Ms. Wildridge’s courses at Southern Methodist University’s Summer Youth Camp!