Author Cynthia Wildridge visited The Lamplighter School in Dallas for a bilingual presentation of Bun E. Learns to Count in French for Pre-K 3's and 4's

Author Visits – Cynthia Wildridge

I love author visits!  As an author and educator, there are few things more rewarding than seeing a child’s face light up with resonance—especially in response to something you have created.  I love visiting schools, libraries, and organizations, and welcome the opportunity to create a presentation pertinent to your subject matter or theme.

Author Visits: Presentations by Cynthia Wildridge

Following are descriptions of three presentations currently offered.  Additional camps & camps & programs,  French language classes, and tutoring are also available.

Please note:  All presentations are adaptable for Pre-K through high school, and can be conducted in English and/or in French. Each will reference examples from the author’s bilingual book/CD to stimulate creative thinking and facilitate learning. Optional workshops can be tailored to your organization’s time and budget allotments.  Please contact me for more information!

Books in the Era of Castles and Kings: Medieval & Renaissance books, materials, processes, and readers

Author Visits-Cynthia Wildridge_Books in the Era of Castles and Kings
©Photo. R.M.N. / R.-G. Ojéda Le mois de septembre, mois des vendanges, à côté du domaine royal de Saumur, château de Louis II d’Anjou, roi de France.

Books have existed for thousands of years—long before there were computers, cars, electricity, or even the printing press.

How were books made in the era of castles and kings? Who made them? How much did they cost? What materials did they use? How long did it take? Who wrote the stories? What were they about? Were there any pictures? Who read the books? Did they have libraries?

To answer these questions, author Cynthia Wildridge will delve into the details of this interesting and fascinating era.

Children will get to see an ancient manuscript and materials that were used to create paper, ink, and Illuminated Manuscripts.

Together, we will examine rare manuscripts for images of castles, kings, animals, music, and the way people dressed and worked.

Comparing the author’s book with these rare treasures, we’ll look for clues about what inspired her work.

We may even create a treasure of our own!

Duration:  50 to 60 minutes

Hungry in a Foreign Land: Making Sense of Sounds and Shapes

Can a bunny learn to count?  He was a long way from home . . . and he was very hungry!

Author Visits - Cynthia Wildridge_Hungry in a Foreign Land: Making Sense of Sounds and Shapes
Bun E. Boniface® visits a school

Beginning with a bilingual, theatre-style presentation of Bun E. Learns to Count in French, children will explore the relationships between sounds, shapes, color, and concepts, and how they combine to convey meaning.

Together, we will talk about word choices, color associations, music, rhythm, illustrations, similarities between the two languages, and other tools used as mnemonic devices.

But it doesn’t end there!  In this hand-on, extremely interactive session, children will speak, sing, and interact with Bun E. Boniface® en français !

Duration:  30 to 45 minutes

From Concept to Cover: A long and winding road!

Author Visits-Cynthia Wildridge_From Concept to Cover: A long and winding road!Follow the path that Bun E. Boniface® traveled—from initial idea to the book store—encompassing the creative processes of first draft, research, revision, sketches, book dummy, art, calligraphy, and composing a song, to the recording studio, editor, printer & bindery–the myriad of people, processes, and professions involved in bringing a traditional book and CD to market.

Cynthia will reveal early forms of her work, discuss the artistic choices that were made, and share insights into collaborating with a 10-year-old artist, and with people on two continents.

Duration:  50 to 60 minutes


Partial Day (offered in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro area only):

  • $275 for one presentation, plus mileage outside the city of Dallas
  • $450 for two presentations, plus mileage outside the city of Dallas

Full Day (three to four presentations):

  • $675 in Texas, plus expenses outside the Dallas area
  • $1,000 outside Texas, plus expenses


  • Discount for multiple day bookings.
  • Neighboring schools or organizations may partner to split the cost of a Full Day Author Visit, allowing each to have a maximum of 2 presentations.
  • Schools and libraries may order discounted books from the publisher in advance of the Author Visit.


Cynthia Wildridge visited the pre-school students at The Lamplighter School in Dallas. She presented her book BUN E. LEARNS TO COUNT IN FRENCH. The students were fascinated with her props, the illustrations, and her sweet voice as she read this bilingual book. Cynthia discussed the background of the story to inform students how Bun E. made the trip to France. She held the attention of each student, asking questions at the end of her presentation. I would highly recommend Cynthia Wildridge for an author visit.

Patricia Vermillion, Media Center Coordinator, The Lamplighter School, Dallas, Texas

Pre-K children at The Lamplighter School in Dallas, TX enjoyed a visit from Bun E. Boniface® with bilingual presentation, music, and carrot cookies!

The Pre-K children at The Lamplighter School in Dallas wrote their own names on this thank-you card sent to author Cynthia Wildridge after her presentation of Bun E. Learns to Count in French
I especially loved that each child signed the card!