Testimonials: Bun E. Learns to Count in French

“What’s so nice about this project is all the happiness it brings to people who touch it.”

Catherine Dousset, Catléya Éditions, Paris

“It’s a lovely little book.”

Ruth Boshkoff Associate editor, KODÀLY Magazine, Professor, Indiana University School of Music

“The music is delightful!”

Sylvia Elton, The Dallas Opera Guild

“We got it! The illustrations are fabulous. Chloe enjoys finding the bunny on each page. We listened to the CD several times today. Chloe says “bunny” when she wants to listen to it. She did listen to the CD and read the book a few times in a row. She then decided to dance to the music. I think over time she will learn with all of the repetition, which is good it is how kids learn.”

Angela Christensen, The Dallas Opera Guild

« Nous vous souhaitons beaucoup de succès pour votre joli livre-disque que nous avons beaucoup aimé et que nous avons offert à notre petit-fils » .

Claire et Bruno de Saint Chamas, Paris, France

Your book was one of the…most popular, one of the 3-4 highest of the auction. Considering it was up against signed books on the bestseller list [including two written by First Lady Laura Bush] it shows how beautiful and special yours is. I tried to tell a few people about the CD and they said who cares about that the pictures were beautiful enough.”

Beth Mauch, Carrolton-Farmers Branch Education Foundation

“The book is just adorable! I really love it and the music and recording is just beautiful. I am so excited for you and it’s so nice to see dreams come true. I just can’t get over how cute it is. Thank you so much for… giving me the opportunity to buy your book.”

Linda Bailey, Indiana

« Merci de tout mon cœur pour le petit livre qui est magnifique et le CD le compliment parfaitement. Je suis très fière du bon travail que vous avez fait…sur votre livre qui est superbe » .

Madame Mary Fran Bennett, French teacher, Washington High School

C’est magnifique! Really. You mixed the French and English very cleverly. Bibi was overflowing with praise about your singing and the project in general.”  

E. Patt, Chicago, IL

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