The fable of Sleeping Beuty by Charles Perrault is part of French course for children created and taught by Cynthia Wildridge

French Fairy Tales

French Fairy Tales:  Castles and Kings and Knights – Oh My!

Course Description:   

17th century French author Charles Perrault penned some of the most famous fables in the repertoire. Through them, we will explore the common themes of castles, kings, and knights . . . with a few princesses and swords thrown in for good measure!

17th-century portrait of Charles Perrault by Philippe Lallemand

The fables of Charles Perrault [from Mother Goose]:

  • Barbe bleüe                              Bluebeard
  • La belle au bois dormant     Sleeping Beauty
  • Boucles d’or                             Goldilocks
  • Cendrillon                               Cinderella
  • Les fées                                      The Fairies
  • Le Maître Chat,                       The Master Cat, or Puss-n-Boots
    • ou le Chat Botté
  • Le petit Chaperon Rouge    Little Red Riding Hood
  • Le petit Pouçet                       Little Thumb

See the castles that inspired the stories. We will learn French vocabulary, colors, and shapes associated with the stories, and then reinforce them through games and activities.

We may learn about period food and attire, the parts of a castle, materials used to make a castle, see pictures of the king and queen’s bed chambers, make a sword or a crown, and design our own unique King or Queen’s Seal.

The tale of Sleeping Beauty by Charles Perrault is one of the French Fairy Tales used in a course for children created and taught by Cynthia Wildridge


Charles Perrault's fable Le chat botté is used in a course for children on French Fairy Tales created and taught by Cynthia Wildridge
A Handwritten page of the French Fairy Tale Le Maître Chat, ou Le chat botté by Charles Perrault

Time permitting, children may wish to create a story to take home with them.  Here is a story in Perrault’s own hand!

French Fairy Tales by Charles Perrault course by Cynthia Wildridge
Unknown – Morgan Library and Museum [1]
Gouache illustration in a manuscript of Charles Perrault’s Contes de ma Mere l’Oye, dated 1695.
And most of us are familiar with Mother Goose.

In 2016, to commemorate the 388th anniversary of his birth, Google created a Google Doodle to honor French author Charles Perrault.

This course was created by Cynthia S. Wildridge and offered to Pre-K and Kindergarten children at The Lamplighter School of Dallas during their Camp Lamplighter, Summer 2017.

Duration:  This course was offered as a week-long camp, with the class meeting 2 hours per day.

© 2017 Cynthia S. Wildridge  All rights reserved

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