French for kids: Bun E. Learns to Count in French

Preview Bun E. Learns to Count in French!

Can a bunny learn to count in French?  You might be surprised!

Take a peek inside the book via the slide show below. , Bun E. Learns to Count in French. To listen to the Overture from the CD while you browse, please click the embedded audio file below.

  • French for kids!
  • Author Cynthia S. Wildridge and Artist Alyssa A. Wildridge created Bun E. Learns to Count in French (Bun E. apprend à compter)
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  • FR-intro_Bun-E-apprend-compter
  • One_Un_Bun-E-Learn-Count-French_Bun-E-apprend-compter
  • Nose_Nez_Bun-E-Learn-Count-French_Bun-E-apprend-compter
  • Two_Deux_Bun-E-Learn-Count-French
  • Two Ears_Bun-E-Learn-Count-French
  • Three_Trois_Bun-E-Learn-Count-French
  • Trois Oiseaux_Three Birds_Bun-E-Learn-Count-French
  • 7_Bun-E-Learns-Count-French
  • Bun-E-Sept-Baguettes_Bun-E-Learns-Count-French
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To sample the audio book narration in English and in French, please visit our Voice Talent page and click the respective embedded audio files.