SMU SYP French for kids Cynthia Wildridge Bun E. Boniface

French is Elementary at SMU Summer Youth Program

SMU SYP French for kids Cynthia Wildridge Bun E. Boniface

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French is “Elementary” at SMU SYP.  It’s now offered to Kindergarten students, as well!

Welcoming children from across the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, enrollment is open for Southern Methodist University CAPE’s 2017 Summer Youth Camp.  Best of all, they have French!

French is Elementary at SMU SYP

Bun E. Boniface® welcomes parents to final day of French Camp at SMU Summer Youth taught by Cynthia

New French course for SYP 2017!

For Summer 2017, SMU has added a second French course to its Summer Youth Program offerings, both designed and taught by Cynthia Wildridge on the SMU Plano campus:

NOTE:  SYP runs from June through August, but French is just 2 weeks in July

We’ll have a special celebration le 14 juillet (French Independence Day), and a Friday Fashion Show for the Chanel class.

Please follow the above links to the SMU CAPE website for course description and registration.  Merci !

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buneboniface buneboniface Post author 2017-07-27, 22:54

My daughter, Harper, loved the camp! [French Fashion: Coco on the Catwalk] It was her favorite this summer and she hopes to take it again next year. She learned a lot and had so much fun. Thank you for all that you did! -Jaime

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The above courses were offered through Southern Methodist University's Summer Youth Program (SYP) between 2016 through 2018. With the sale of the university's north campus in Plano, Texas in early 2019, it was unfortunately no longer possible to continue these programs through SMU.