Sensitive Period for Language Learning

Sensitive Period for Language: From birth to about age 6

Toddler sucking thumb illustrates the "sensitive period" for second language learning is from birth to about six years old.
The “sensitive period” for second language learning is from birth to about age six.

Enormous advances in medical imaging technology have provided scientists, neurologists, educators, psychiatrists, and others with a wealth of physical evidence about the human brain and how it works.

Born with the ability to learn all languages

Among the most important language-related findings are that babies are wired at birth with the ability to learn ALL languages, and that the ideal or “sensitive” period for second language learning is between birth and age 6, after which it begins a slow and steady decline.

Books more important than electronic media, especially to age 3

We also know of the critical importance of :

  •  language in the development of deductive reasoning,
  •  books over electronic media, especially during the first 3 years of life, and,
  •  parental nurturing and human interaction.

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Source: This content was originally published in our Bun E. Tales newsletter, Vol I, Issue 1. 

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