Texas Book Festival 2015

Sweetest question from the 2015 Texas Book Festival?

“Are we allowed to buy your books?”

With over 40,000 bibliophiles running around the Texas State Capitol grounds in Austin during the 20th annual Texas Book Festival, there were bound to be some odd questions.  A colleague suggested we compete for the strangest question asked of us during the two-day event.

The Texas State Capitol building in downtown Austin, Texas is the site for the annual Texas Book Festival.
Far more touching and memorable, however, was the sweet question posed by a beautiful little girl who was enamored with the calligraphy in our book:

“Are we allowed to buy your books?”

Winner of the best question of the Texas Book Festival!

Spoken with such awe, as if she deemed it a treasure.  Who would not melt at that?!

The winner of the Best Question of the 2015 Texas Book Festival studies her book signed by the author.

And how heart-warming to see parents instill in their children such love and reverence for art and the printed word.

And thus she embarked on learning a third language.

As did at least two of my other new friends.  How thrilling!

TBF2015_with boys_IMG_3704_Web
These brothers thought it would be fun to start learning a THIRD language!