Books, music, and videos. . .free!

250_Boy_in_LibraryDid you know that you can borrow books, music, and movies from a public library for free?

All you need is a library card. If you do not have a card, ask your librarian to help you get one.

If your local public library owns a copy of Bun E. Learns to Count in French / Bun E. apprend à compter, you can borrow it for free. Just ask for the book/CD by title, or by the ISBN number.

What is an ISBN?

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. A unique number is assigned to every book printed in the world. Ours is ISBN 0-9744810-0-9.3D Book Cover

If your library does not own this book, you may ask them to obtain it for you from another public library through an Inter-Library Loan.

Again, borrowing from a public library is free of charge, providing you return the book, CD, or other materials by the due date.

You could also ask your library to consider purchasing this book/CD for its collection! Please ask your librarian to visit this website ( to view the book, to sample the CD, and to find out where and how to buy.