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Bun E. Tales™ is a quarterly newsletter that was published from 2004 through 2007 in support of our series, THE TALES OF BUN E. BONIFACE®. To download past issues, please click on the images of the respective newsletter. Bun E Tales™_Issue 1

Welcome to bunetales.com, the official web presence of the bilingual children’s series, THE TALES OF BUN E. BONIFACE®. After several years at our prior home, we are creating this new burrow to house our treasures. We hope our home will become one of your treasures, too! French for Kids Our […]

Bienvenue au site bunetales.com, the home of THE TALES OF …

Celebrate literacy with North Texas children’s authors and illustrators! Saturday, November 5, 2016 The Dallas Public Library is hosting an afternoon of fun, free events for parents, educators, and children ages 2-12 The festivities include seventeen authors and illustrators, readings, arts & crafts, an on-site bookstore (enticing discounts!), and Q&A, […]


Purple Carrots?  Yes, ’tis true:  The earliest carrots were purple! Known to mankind for about 5,000 years, historians think the first carrots came from the part of the world we now call Afghanistan. Purple carrots in ancient times Egyptian temple drawings from 2000 B.C. feature a purple plant many specialists […]

Sometimes, on a pretty day when he wants nothing more than to go out and play, Bun E. Boniface seems not to listen at all. On days like that, his mother used to exclaim that anything she told him would go “in one ear and out the other!” Does that […]

Author Cynthia Wildridge will present a bilingual reading of her book, Bun E. Learns to Count in French (Bun E. apprend à compter). Celebrate Texas sales tax-free weekend with Bun E. Boniface! Escape the heat and slip into the sanctuary of the beautiful Children’s Area of the University Park Library in Dallas on Saturday, August […]

Sensitive period for language: From birth to about age 6 Enormous advances in medical imaging technology have provided scientists, neurologists, educators, psychiatrists, and others with a wealth of physical evidence about the human brain and how it works. Born with the ability to learn all languages Among the most important […]

  The United States’ first public library, located just outside Boston, was founded with books from Benjamin Franklin’s private collection. It was named Franklin Public Library in his honor. Franklin was a famous inventor, innovator, and statesman. He spent time in France helping John Adams secure France’s support in the Colonies’ […]

Did you know that Benjamin Franklin established the first circulating library in the United States? It was called The Library Company of Philadelphia, founded in 1731. That was before the U.S. had won her Independence from England! It also housed the Library of Congress from 1774-1800, and is today the […]

My Writing Process Blog Tour It was through my SCBWI critique group that I learned of the fascinating “My Writing Process” blog tour that has been making its way to select children’s authors across the globe. I was intrigued and honored to have been asked to participate, to the degree […]

Jumping down the rabbit hole!   A full decade ago, a marketing guru encouraged me to start blogging. The term had just been coined; the concept scarcely existed. I resisted. I’ve now enlisted. My Writing Process Blog Tour Though privacy is no less sacred to me today than it was […]

O Dichotomy!  This Reluctant Blogger would far prefer writing the story, to writing about the writer. But the creative process is so fascinating . . . Honored to have been invited to participate in the “My Writing Process” blog tour that is currently making its way across the globe, I […]